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Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

We help you onboard your new employees to become effective organizational members. 

What We Offer?

Background Checks, Employment Application, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non Compete Agreements, W4 (W2 Management), W8 & W9 (1099 Management), I9 (Employment Verification)


Focus on your revenue and we will make sure your employees are paid. With flexible payroll solutions we can ensure that your payday will run smoothly. 

What We Offer?

Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly Payroll and Year-End Payroll for S-Corps. 

Employee Handbook

An Employee Handbook is the primary tool to help employees understand your company’s philosophy and to make your company more successful. 

What We Offer? 

We provide a comprehensive employee handbook in written format that provides guidance on companies history, mission, vision, values, policies, procedures, and benefits. 

Employment Termination

Terminating an employee can be difficult, but we partner with you throughout the process guiding you step by step. 

What We Offer? 

Termination Agreement, Off Site Termination, Conflict Management, Exit Interviews, Company Feedback. 

Focus on your business, not HUMAN RESOURCES.

We Love What We Do

Our team has been supporting Atlanta businesses for over 10 years. We offer unique and personal human resources and payroll services to make running your business easier and allow you to get back to focus on what matters.

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